• Tugboat Plus: Device Color: Black. 2.2ML Built-in Pod.5% Ncotine by Volume/Unit.Battery Capacity 420mAh.Size (mm.): 102 x 26.2 x 9.9.

    • Tugboat Disposable: 1.2mL built-in Pod 5% nicotine by volume/unit battery capacity 420mAh Size (mm.): 102 x 26.2 x 9.9 /400 (approx.) puffs per Pod.

    • Tugboat V2 Disposable Pod: The new Tugboat V2 is now a one-piece device! The top cap has an adjustable airflow control allowing you to use single or dual coils. The Tugboat V2 also has a 280mAh battery and offers a great vape with and delivers an intense flavor experience.